With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is becoming the most influential platform in the social media world. Almost every single big brand has an Instagram presence. Having high discoverability is the primarily advantage of Instagram over Snapchat. Through the platform, companies and influencers are able to drive traffic to their websites, spread awareness about their products & services, and obtain new customers. Instagram posts, if targeted to the right people through hashtags, have the opportunity to reach thousands and thousands of potential consumers. Generating social proof and brand value is one of the core concepts of Instagram profile. Social proof allows companies and influencers to take advantage of external validation and customer advocacy in order to impact customers and drive traffic.


Here are a few strategies in order to drive traffic and grow your Instagram:


1.Content is king.


You’ve heard this already. There is no other way around this. You have to post quality content. People appreciate that a lot. One thing you can do before posting a picture or a specific content form, is to ask your friends their opinions about it. If they would have liked it, then you have a decent content. Be realistic here. The better the post - the more people will engage with it. The more people engaging with the post helps you grow tremendously




2. Research hashtags.


Majority of people do not know how to use hashtags correctly. They are simply using general hashtags like #shoes or #dogs. The problem with using these hashtags is that it’s very difficult to get into the top 6 posts for these hashtags. There are millions of posts. It will require your posts generating 1,000 or more likes to get at the top of the hashtag. Additionally, #dogs will include the general audience. This means that if your page is about weimaraners, the people aren’t necessarily looking for that content, and therefore will engage less. By having specific hashtags with low posts count will increase the probability of your post shown to the right audience.




3. Profile optimization.


Having an attractive bio is very important. This is the very first thing that people see when they open your profile. Give them a reason to follow you in your bio description. What value are you providing to them? High quality posts? Entertaining content? That should be described in your bio, so that they know what to expect




4. Engagement groups.


Engagement groups are extremely helpful in increasing the probability of the post going viral. The core concept of going viral is the engagement. The more people engage - the higher probability of going viral. Engagement groups help artificially inflate the engagement to increase that potential. In order to enter one of the engagement groups, simply go to similar pages and check their comments. If they are getting a lot of comments within the first few minutes of posting - they are using the engagement groups. Ask them to be a part of one.



5. Shoutout for shoutout.


This is an essential part of growth. Try to find similar pages that are doing the similar type of content. Ask them to mention you in their stories and you will do the same. While some of their audience will overlap with yours, there still will be a huge amount of people who are not following you. This can help you pick up few new followers.



Final Thoughts


This is just a basic overview of how to drive traffic to your page and build a community. Importantly, there are many more tools that are vital to your growth. We cover them in our special “Instagram Growth Guide” that you can purchase here. Keep posting and engaging with your audience - you will see tremendous results.