Snapchat remains a massively undervalued platform. 3.5 Billions of snaps are sent every day. Snapchat stories are viewed 10 billion times a day.


Building a brand on Snapchat will truly test your ability to present yourself in an authentic way. Snapchat reveals who is good at making content, and whose content needs improvement. Whether or not Snapchat can compete with other platforms in the future, it is still a terrific opportunity for brands and influencers to spread awareness about their products or services. 



 So, how do we amplify the growth?



1. Cross-promotion


No one is famous only on Snapchat. There are no hashtags, there are no tweets that can go “viral”, there are no posts that will hit the “Explore” page. One of the ways to grow on Snapchat is to cross-promote your username on other platforms.


You can draw attention to Snapchat via platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Add your Snapcode to the end of your videos on YouTube, share it on Instagram, Pin in on Twitter, write your username on Facebook page and add an email signature with it. 





2. Collaboration


We are not just talking about collaborating with people outside of the platform to bring awareness to Snapchat. We are talking about collaborating within the platform.


Add users who are in the similar brand niche as you are. Reply to their stories. Ask for a shoutout. This will drastically increase your popularity. Their users will be willing to add you, and interact with your stories. Reply to every single one of such users. In addition, reach out to the big influencers who are in the similar niche as you are. If they like your work, they will inevitably share your piece of content.



3. Giveaways


GIveaways is always an important growth factor. All big brands will always do giveaways. They help you engage with your audiences and provide value to them. If you are just starting out on the platform, gift card giveaway is a great way to improve your brand awareness. Make the users add you and interact with your story in order to get a chance to win something valuable.


Later on, giveaways don’t necessarily have to be related to gift cards, they can also be products or services that you are offering. People will receive these services or products, share with their audiences and amplify your growth.



4. Authenticity


The platform is used to showcase authenticity. You have to structure your content based on the platform. Why should people follow you specifically on Snapchat? Because you show "behind the scenes" or grocery shopping that the users will not see anywhere else. If you are building a brand around cars, you can show the work on the car, not just the end product. Something that you would share on Instagram or Facebook. Provide value for people to add you on Snapchat.



5. Lens creation


This is the most important brand awareness tool that you have available on Snapchat. Snapchat lenses apply AR filters to the world through the camera. According to Snapchat, 200 Million users have played with lenses within the first two weeks of introduction.


A 2018 study conducted by the Knight Foundation revealed that the majority of Snapchat users visit the platform to “talk to my friends” and “play with lenses and filters”. This is a hugely untapped market as this feature can exponentially improve your awareness. Snapchat lens works exactly like Twitter retweets. You share a lens with one person, that person will share the lens with 10 other people, they will share with other people, creating an exponential growth for your brand.


According to Business of Apps, sponsored lenses range from $450,000 to $700,000 for special occasions. These lenses can get big results.


Our lenses at Otiren media, created for a brand, generated millions of organic views and hundreds of thousands of shares.




Final thoughts


Snapchat should not be the platform where you start your social media journey, but you should definitely create content and engage with users to improve your brand visibility. Once your page grows bigger, users will be able to find your content organically. They will be curious about your content, and will visit different platforms of yours.


If you are not on Snapchat, what is holding you back?