NOW Marketing

2020 Advent of COVID and The Digital Revolution

Every year Otiren aims to put on the most valuable marketing education event available in the country. Leave with a new persepective on the current strategies the best marketers are employing and why. Get the ins and outs of what has changed since last year and projections for future strategies. The knowledge that you will gain from even one year of attendance will give you the framework you need to get inside the mind of a marketing expert and comprehend how to build out your own marketing strategies. 

Avoiding learning about the bleeding edge methodology in marketing means you'll always be picking up scraps in the market, trying to stay afloat in the wake of the companies already driving traffic. You too can stand out and be the company that has others hoping to replicate your success.

The most up to date and relevant information marketers and companies need to know to stay on top of this rapidly changing environment and a recap of last year offered to you by the Otiren Team